Speed and Professionalism

Godine iskustva u poslovima vezanim uz prijevoz i brigu za umjetnine pomogle su nam da postignemo najviši standard profesionalizma ne samo u Hrvatskoj nego i u svijetu.

Professional, educated and trained

Years of experience in fine art services has helped us to achieve the highest standard of professionalism in the international and domestic fine art shipping business. We have a fully trained and educated crew to insure top quality fine art handling services.

Organizing customs procedure and resolution of issuance of all necessary permits

Transporting fine art in or out of the country sometimes presents a challenge. Customs regulations need to be complied with in a proper and timely manner. We ensure that our customers are properly advised of the customs regulations and import export documentation well in advance to avoid any problems.

You can rely on us to provide all necessary documents, permits and sml for art works so that they will be transported and shipped out or in to the desired destination in time.

We provide quality service for local and internacional road transport of artworks to all European destinations and international air transport of artworks. Our virtue is to provide quality logistics services to our customers through teamwork and a positive atmosphere within the organization. You can confide in us that we will professionaly, quality, quickly, accurately and effectively, and for a good price relay to customers.

Contact with museums or private persons

You can rely on us to communicate profesionally with all clients and all necessary party in the project.

For us there is no "little" or "big" client, we dedicate to each one equally, if the client is an institution or a private one. Our professionalism is the reason why the project is successfully brought to an end in time.